About Us

amr1We are a dedicated group of professionals with distinguished careers in advertising, consumer products, market research, journalism and entrepreneurship. We come together to analyze and provide results from qualitative and quantitative research, market trends and the status of Black Americans from a consumer market perspective.

Our Approach

Before we commit to your project we ask you several questions to understand precisely what you want to learn from the African-American consumer. For example, during the research process our professional moderators use relevant exercises and probe focus group respondents to get at what they are really thinking versus what they are saying. When the focus groups are complete our expert team writes outstanding insightful reports that marketing managers and advertisers are able to use to create their campaigns and test their products.

Our reports are said to have “the highest credibility.” They include such insightful results that they are labeled “frank and practical” by our clients. In addition, we have been told we deliver what African-American consumers “are thinking and how they react in a consumer situation.”

At The Hunter-Miller Group, we take the next step and ask “Now what?” to help clients relate our insights into purchase and use actions that can benefit your brand.

“Thoughtful, disciplined, determined and enthusiastic – that’s our passion.Precise, meticulous, consistent and focused – that’s our process. That’s why we’re the recognized experts in African-American market research and consulting.”



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