Gl pic 1At Hunter-Miller, we listen to your marketing research needs. When you have specific questions, we develop the appropriate marketing research techniques to discover the answers. Using scientifically accepted methods, we employ a variety of qualitative and quantitative research approaches.


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Additionally, we are widely experienced in the various qualitative research models and techniques that include:

> Focus Groups
> One-on-one in depth interviews
> Executive interviews
> Ethnographies

We partner with major data collection and tabulation facilities to execute quantitative research including:

> Telephone and mail surveys
> Intercepts
> Online services
> Audience feedback surveys (using audience response technology)
> On-site/on premise interviews

Additional Services

Additionally, our range of services also includes key strategic marketing planning tools such as:

> Consulting
> Filter Workshops
> Trend Intelligence
> Ideation Workshops
> Creative Strategy Consulting

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